A busy September

The first Friday in September had me heading to southern Indiana to join the Evansville Kayak Anglers at a small lake known as Lynnville Lake.  I knew nothing about the lake prior to arrival late Friday night, other than hearing that it was very clear water and had an abundance of small fish.

My plan was to start out early in the morning fishing topwater.  I rigged up a Lake Fork Tackle Magic Popper the night before.  As daylight broke and we headed out onto the water, I didn’t peddle far before I just couldn’t pass up water I was passing.  So I stopped near a point full of vegetation and began working the popper over top of the submerged vegetation along the lines where the weeds were exposed.  A few casts in and I was on the board with one of the infamous 9-10″ bass loaded up in this lake.  I was excited that this pattern was working, as we all know that there’s not much more exciting time on the water than when the fish are attacking topwater.  And attacking they were.  Over the course of the day, I caught 30+ fish on this Magic Popper.  When the bite would slow down on top, it didn’t take long with a Yamamoto Double Tail Hula Grub to find more fish.  I even caught a few on a wacky-rigged Senko.

What I didn’t catch, though, were any keeper fish.  “Keeper” is relative in a CPR event, so I was still “culling” up, but after reeling in what was easily over 50 fish (I stopped keeping count), it was amazing to see how similar in size these fish were.  Except for the two that I caught that hovered around the 13″ mark, every single one of them was 9-10″.  This fishery has a lot of potential, but it seems like it could use some management in order grow the bigger fish.

10653484_10152389307591819_4863569508899224651_nDespite the small fish, my total length was enough to secure a victory in the small field of anglers.  But beyond the win, it was great hanging out with more sportsmen and women.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, but the kayak fishing community is an amazing world to be a part of.  I hope we can all work hard to keep it that way and not let poor sportsmen and poor attitudes take over.

I have two more events this month!  Next up is Portside Marine’s Fall Kayak Fishing Tournament on Morse Reservoir Saturday, September 20.  We’ll be launching at Morse Beach (at the Park), with registration beginning at 7:00 AM.  In addition to the tournament, Portside Marine will be hosting a Hobie demo day at the beach from 8:00 AM until noon, allowing any interested parties to come check out the amazing Hobie kayak selection.  Another demo after the tournament, from about 1:00 PM until 2:00 PM has me more excited, though.  During that time, any kayak anglers, or those interested in kayak fishing, can come to the beach and spend 10-20 minutes on the water in my fully rigged Pro Angler and actually DO some fishing from it.  This is the PERFECT opportunity for me to share my love of these kayaks with those who have been wanting to see what they’re all about.

On Saturday, September 27, Indiana Kayak Anglers will be hosting the 2014 September Shootout.  This event will be held on Geist Reservoir and is a benefit event for the Indiana Chapter of Heroes on the Water.  All entry fees and half of the launch fees will be donated to HOW, with prizes for the participants being provided by many amazing sponsors.  This is going to be an incredible event on a fishery that is known for producing big bass.  The feedback we’re getting right now says that there will be a great turnout with anglers travelling considerable distances to participate.  Additionally, some of the sponsors will be on hand with products for browsing and purchasing.  The marina is providing spectators the opportunity to get out on the water in pontoons to enjoy the lake and even watch their favorite kayak angler in action.  Heroes on the Water will be bringing their fleet of kayaks, offering low cost rentals for those anglers that want to try out kayak fishing before spending the money to buy their own gear.  Keep up with updates and information regarding this event at the Indiana Kayak Anglers Facebook Page.