GoPro on-the-water battery solution

Many fishermen have really taken to using action cams to chronicle their adventures.  One look at my YouTube channel and you’ll see that I sit squarely in that category and rarely go on an outing without my GoPro Hero2.

I’ve been doing it since I began this kayak fishing adventure I’m on and have convinced many of my fishing friends to acquire their own GoPros.  One concern that always comes to the surface is the battery life.  For many who use these action cams, an hour and a half of battery life is generally sufficient.  However, for us fishermen, we need more.  We need to start the camera and let it run throughout the day.  Sure, remotes and apps are great, but if you’re waiting for the right time to turn the camera on, you’re going to be too late and miss that fish catch.  Additionally, enabling the wifi/bluetooth radios on these cameras will decrease the battery life.

Most of the time, we spend 5-8 hours at a time on the water.  When comparing the battery life of many of the action cams on the market right now, none of them will last that long on a single charge.  So, regardless of which camera you choose, you’re going to be changing the battery at some point, or devising an on-the-water charging solution.  The point is that battery life for a camera for this purpose should not really be a consideration unless purchasing additional batteries for a particular model is cost-prohibitive.

GoPro batteries on the waterHere’s the solution I use.  I use a small Plano waterproof box to store 4 spare batteries, a second memory card, and extra fog free inserts.  I’ve filled the box with a piece of foam that’s been plucked to hold all items snuggly.  You’ll also notice that I’ve placed a green dot on one side of each battery and a red dot on the other.  This is to visually indicate to me which batteries are charged and which aren’t.  When I pull a dead battery from the camera, I place it red dot up in the case.  Then when I’m at home and charging each battery, I’ll replace it in the case with the green dot up when completely charged.

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