Here comes winter

Cold weather has rolled in and seems to be here to stay.  While this doesn’t necessarily indicate bad fishing, it definitely puts limits on those of us fishing from kayaks.

Some early November cold weather smallmouth action from Northern Indiana.

Some early November cold weather smallmouth action from Northern Indiana.

This puts me in a mode where I’m trying to plan for next year in a futile attempt to feed the itch from lack of fishing.  I’m attempting to help our local Hobie dealer, Portside Marine, in planning for their 2014 tournament season.  We’ve hashed out a few ideas and we’re definitely early in the planning stage, but it’s looking to make for an exciting year for competitive kayak fishing in central Indiana!

Additionally, I’ve hit the drawing board to begin work on a turnkey web-based tournament management solution.   My goals are to allow tournament coordinators a single location to publish their events, accept registrations online, manage weigh-ins, and publish results.  I’ve already got a considerable amount of time wrapped up in this, and it’s far from finished, so one of the concerns at this point has been monetizing this project.  I believe I’ve decided to follow the value-for-value model popularized by the No Agenda podcast, and leave payment for utilization of the system up to those using it by a simple donation.

If you or someone you know runs a fishing tournament or series, I’d love to get your input on my system and give you the opportunity to check it out in its early form.  Please drop me an email and we’ll discuss it!