Crate refresh: re-purpose to add external storage

The mighty milk crates have more than just storage abilities INSIDE.  The outside of the crates can be very useful for storing items, too.  I, like most people, mounted my rod holders on the outside of my crate.  I also thought it would be nice to have some pouch- or bag-style storage on the outside for items I may not want to dig for.

While wandering through my local Menard’s, I discovered the GoGear Vent Pack Organizer in the automotive section.  These are designed to lock into your car’s vent and hold junk in your car.  The mount system for them consists of a stiff moldable strip covered in a webbing material.  This lets you weave and clamp the pack anywhere on your milk crate.  In my case, I mounted both of them to what will normally be the front side of the kayak to hold my scent bottle and my scales.