First Impressions: Hobie Pro Angler 14

For 2014, I’m honored to be a part of the Hobie Fishing Team representing Hobie and Portside Marine Sales in Westfield, Indiana.  Hobie practices grassroots marketing, encouraging its dealers to have staff anglers to promote the sport of kayak fishing and Hobie’s amazing line of fishing kayaks.  To say I’m excited about this season and this opportunity would be a tremendous understatement. Many many thanks to Portside Marine and to Hobie. As I mentioned in … Continue reading

One down, many to go

This past weekend, April 4th through the 6th, I was able to open up the 2014 kayak fishing tournament season by travelling south with my buddy Aaron to Cedar Creek Lake Kentucky for the first tournament in the Bluegrass Yakmasters Tournament Series.  It’s difficult to explain how amazing this experience was.  It was definitely full of “ests”. Farthest This was the farthest I’ve traveled for the sole purpose of fishing.  From home, to Indianapolis to … Continue reading

Quick look back and 2014 Fish-olutions

2013 was an amazing year for me. I grew a tremendous amount as a kayak angler.   The “angler” part of this is likely the most important, and I certainly feel like I’ve improved my technique and tactics when it comes to finding and catching fish.  I finally added jerkbaits to my repertoire, gaining confidence by catching new personal best smallmouth twice in the same day. The “kayak” part of this, though, is a bigger … Continue reading

Here comes winter

Cold weather has rolled in and seems to be here to stay.  While this doesn’t necessarily indicate bad fishing, it definitely puts limits on those of us fishing from kayaks. This puts me in a mode where I’m trying to plan for next year in a futile attempt to feed the itch from lack of fishing.  I’m attempting to help our local Hobie dealer, Portside Marine, in planning for their 2014 tournament season.  We’ve hashed … Continue reading

Tournament Report: CIKA Fall Kayak Bass Classic

The anticipation began building for this tournament immediately following the previous event.  Based upon my recent experience on the lake, I decided during preparations to pare down my tackle to a single box of crankbaits (lipless, square bill, deeper running round bill), a “miscellaneous” box with spinnerbaits, buzz baits, jigs, and topwater plugs, and a small terminal tackle box with the jig heads and hooks I would need to fish the few bags of plastics … Continue reading

Finally! My first kayak tournament is in the books!

This past Saturday, September 7th, Portside Marine held their second Hobie kayak bass tournament. You may recall that, due to weather, I chose not to fish the first tournament. Since learning of this latest event, my excitement to fish it has been off the charts. This day shaped up to be much better weather-wise.  We were greeted by a beautiful calm and clear morning with comfortable temps and no chance of rain.  Throughout the day, … Continue reading

A lot of learning on White River

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity of which a small portion included some fishing.  I only fished for just shy of 5 hours, but it was packed with learning experience for me. On Saturday, my daughter and her friend were going to GenCon in downtown Indianapolis, so rather than drop them off and make the round trip twice, I decided to pack up my fishing gear, load the kayak, and do some fishing on … Continue reading

DIY Transducer Arm for Kayaks

Since installing my Lowrance X-4 fish finder in my kayak, I’ve questioned it’s accuracy, especially when marking fish.  When moving, I would mark a LOT of fish at the surface, which I knew was wrong, but I was unsure whether that was due to the duct seal used to mount the transducer in the hull, or perhaps turbulence from the hull cutting through the water. I had already decided I wanted to add some YakAttack … Continue reading

Central Indiana Kayak Anglers Fall Classic!

A new group, Central Indiana Kayak Anglers, has announced they’ll be hosting a tournament at Morse Reservoir in Noblesville, IN on October 5th.  Entry fee will be $20 with an additional $10 rental fee if you need to borrow a kayak for the day.  This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to try out the sport but not yet ready to invest in their kayak.  Additionally, any proceeds from the tournament will benefit the … Continue reading

DIY monopod hack – the next level

I’ve posted previously about converting an inexpensive monopod into a GoPro pole with kayak mounting capabilities. I decided I wanted to add additional flexibility to the camera angles available when mounting this system to my kayak.  To do this, I needed to be able to adjust the angle at the base of the monopod where it is mounted to the kayak.  I chose to use two 1.5″ YakAttack Screwballs, one to attach to the base of … Continue reading